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Besides marketing communication, Dela has a few moments that they have to communicate with large parts of their customer base, for instance, communication about new rates or profit-sharing. Similar to their marketing campaigns, they want to use this communication to reach secondary goals, for instance, to show customers the convenience of using “Mijn Dela”. A difference with the DIM is that this communication is in bulk and that there is a need to throttle this to ensure that the customer support center can handle the response. In de VSM (Verzendschema Manager). The business can define a population, shipment schedule, and business rules for content variations. The VSM will ensure that the documents are generated and “inform” the DIM that they can be sent. To enable the tester we had in the team, we introduced the TSQLT platform to enable unit testing on the SQL server development.

Proefschriftmaken is a broker that helps students to print their theses. They use our ERP system as their backend for Quotations, planning, and invoicing. In this project, we designed and created a portal used by their customers to check, complete and correct order information. Customer changes are visualized in a dashboard, and an employee approves those changes. The approval triggers an update and recalculation of the order in the ERP system.


Conneqt distributes mortgages for investors using a channel of independent financial advisors. Their goal is to improve their business due to a more data-driven way of working. To enable this, We’re building a Next Best Action Engine and a dictionary-driven DWH.

This engine allows them to recognize trends in their data and execute actions based on this. Those actions can be marketing or sales-related but also activities for product management. The engine’s output is either email, publication to a website, or publishing actions on a dashboard. The engine relies on a single source of truth. This is created using the dictionary-driven DHW, they describe their DWH and sources in a dictionary (GUI), and the software generates the ETL and the database structure.


Rental app based on hybrid technology


E-invoicing SAAS application with workflow for processing of invoices

CSR Building Products

Extending the integration framework between the SAP backoffice and CSR Connect to support track & trace of shipments


Sustainable enterpreneurship website portal for all AT&T employees

Cleveland Cavaliers

Integrating the NopCommerce e-commerce application with the Gigya Identity provider platform and developing a plugin for sales of memberships

Shell Radiant Joint Venture

Architecture review and re-design of client-server-based application for modeling of oil and gas assets needed to be prepared for go-live to production. The goal: better performance, stability and full functionality.


A web-based platform for a health-care startup. The persistence and business logic are implemented using the CQRS paradigm. Machine learning is used to smartly translate user input to database queries. Video call functionality implemented through Jitsi and medical records access through HL7 FHIR.

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